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"Thanks - you just saved me from making a BIG mistake."

Pat Scott - 10/31/2016

"I want you to know that your report and advice helped me tremendously...

"I can't thank you enough, guys!!"

Barbara - 4/17/2015

"thanks, you guys are real down to earth, love that, will take your advice"

Bill - 3/8/2015

"I found your report extremely helpful, thank you.

I have in fact followed your advice and have chosen VIPRE as my antivirus software. It is indeed a confusing area for people like myself who are confused by all the conflicting information. So, thank you again..."

Pat - 2/2/2015

"Kevin & Josh,

You two have the BEST antivirus review site anywhere on the internet!

It is a pleasure reading the honest, knowledgeable reviews. No other site is like your site. You two guys have to be proud and happy about yourselves.

All I can say further is thank you two guys for your great website.

Louie G - 10/29/2014"

"Your site was extremly helpfull when making my decision, no need to chck out every products web site... "

Dan - 05/03/2012

"Dear PC Antivirus Reviews,

My questions were answered by your "Three Mistakes" [report]. Many thanks for the extra insight you have given me on this purchase and in future purchases."

Thank you,
Michael - 04/28/2012

"please keep it up don't compromise quality"

kayit - 04/20/2012

"...Vipre seems to head the Antivirus Reviews and at the price for 3yrs/1pc i think is reasonable compared to what AVG want for renewal for 2yrs. I hope that Vipre is as good as you guys think it is. May I say that your "3 Mistakes to Avoid" and "Solutions to buy the correct AV Software" was a great article, (thank you), even my wife understood it. I am not putting her down but when it comes to buying software for the PC I appreciate her input as well... "

Thank you pcAntivirusReviews,
Michael - 04/19/2012

"Not much to mention aside from being thankful that I come across your review when I did, I needed a 'good' working antivirus software and you influenced my purchase to get what I needed at a good cost and with adequate information to buy confidently."

Roger - 04/17/2012

"im a noob when it comes to computers and ive had several anti virus software.and ive killed 2 computers before! vipre is the only one thats been hassle free, gotten rid of any nasties, dosesnt take up too much space, has 24 hr support, even when ive asked silly questions, its never been a problem, they always get it solved! every one should have vipre! get vipre!"

Kim - 04/11/2012

"I have used a variety of antivirus software over the years, and Vipre has been the only one that has actually exceeded my expectations. While price is always a concern, this software is reasonably priced as well! It is extremely easy to use, and it has caught every single virus I have had (maybe only three) over the past year and removed it safely without me having to dig into the registry and places where I probably don't belong. I have it set to do a deep scan every morning around 2:00 a.m., and the results are waiting on me when I get up. I mostly have cookies to remove, but I feel confident that this software has found anything suspicious and will safely remove it."

Kim - 04/09/2012

"Previously I ran Vipre antivirus on two computers in my office while the other computers were on another antivirus. We are all interconnected. The other computers were infected and had to call computer services to remove virus. Vipre caught the antivirus and prevented it from infecting my two computers. Fantastic!"

Doug - 04/09/2012

"Vipre has been great and the tech service have been beyond expections... Would recomend to everybody...."

David - 04/09/2012

"Extremely satisfied with Vipre, the whole package. It works very well and is not the resource hog the the industry leaders have become. Vipre does not adversly affect the programs and files it monitors, and is less intrusive than many other platforms. Updates and bulletins are efficient, helpful, and informative. I would recommend Vipre as the preferred primary security software for both business and personal use."

Paul - 04/09/2012

"Before I switched over to Vipre, I 've had always Norton for all of my computer life, but everything GOT SO SLOW that you think what is the use of a AV program that is behaving itself like a virus."

Herman - 04/08/2012

"Vipre has been the best antivirus software I have used. We have just renewed it and have used it since it was "new." The "Free" antivirus software that came with our cablei nternet was/is slow and a resource hog. We'll be using our computer and realize that Vipre just finished a scan. It does not slow our PC down and it is a 6 yr old computer. It is a great product that is under-rated compared to some of the bigger names out there."

Preston - 04/07/2012

"PC Reviews was an important step for me in selecting antivirus software."

Frank - 04/07/2012

"With your help I discovered Vipre, plus you helped me with all the discounts, keep up the good work!"

Anthony - 04/07/2012

"I'm not tech savy at all. I tried many different anti-virus programs, and found Vipre easy to use, and a lot more effective than the others."

Bob - 04/07/2012

"I have tried several brands of antivirus software over the last 12 years or so and find that 'Vipre' is the best secure 'value for money' on the market. It certainly is outstanding as far as meagre use of resources is concerned. I am able to boot up and ready to go in 15 seconds from 'power on' - in fact this is before the broadband router has stabilised!"

Bryan - 04/07/2012

"I used AVG but I had to clean my computer. when I tried to reinstall it said my licence had expired and only had it for 3 months. paid $50 for internet security package. waist of money and made my computer run slow. I have used Vipre and really like it. It doesn't slow my laptop and seems to catch allot of viruses before the can invade."

Keith - 04/07/2012

"Keep doing what you are doing. You are providing a very useful service. Thank you."

Vlad - 04/06/2012

"Great web site. I trust your opinions and you are the reason for making me discover Vipre. I've since recommended it to all my friends and I don't see me changing for any other software in the future. I'm perfectly happy with it and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work."

Martin - 04/06/2012

"I Have Viper and am now a lifetime subscriber . After seeing your review I tried the Viper trial and just doing that cleared up viruses and trojan's I was dealing with on my wife's and one of my son's computers . I was using Telus antivirus through my internet provider (Telus) it would have cost me $40 a computer just to begin there diagnostics and there software allowed the problem in the first place . Viper trial did it for free .There customer service is fantastic , they actually help , communicate , and serve your needs from viruses to bonus offers . thanks for this opportunity to give praise where praise is due."

Gary - 04/06/2012

"I was impressed with the job you did in reviewing antivirus software. My main reason for going Vipre was because of its small footprint. I have a small business and presently I use Peachtree. It is so big that it even runs slow on a new computer... Thanks."

Bob - 04/06/2012

"I like your coupon codes very much.The VIPRE antivirus is the best anti virus I have used so far as an IT professional so I must thank you for your reviews. Keep up the good work."

Jeanne - 04/06/2012

"Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your quick response.

And thank you sooo much for the extra discount coupon -- much appreciated!!"

Kind Regards,
Kylie - 12/07/2011

"Your reviews were very helpful and objective..Continue yoour high objective standards...."

larry - 04/06/2012

"Hi Kevin,

I just installed VIPRE Internet Security. So far it seems working good. Thanks a lot for your advice. It was much appreciated.

Have a wonderful week"
Trang - 01/01/2012

"Thank You

I'm purchasing this week. I just found since I am in a Masters program I am downloading a lot more programs that I did not use before.

Thank you again for the information. I have been reading online for the best one to purchase after downloading software for my statistics class. I was able to take my final at home, and I found a few problems with Microsoft Essentials, so I plan on purchasing a good anti virus."

Dorothy - 12/19/2011

"Aloha Mr. Kevin Smith,

Thanks so very very much for your personal attention to my concerns. You've made my day.... Not only was [the Sunbelt rep] efficient and effective in solving my problem quickly, he was thorough, patient and supremely polite. He gladly went the distance to make sure the problem was fixed. Sunbelt is fortunate to have him as a representative.

My sincerest commendations to you both. I am a happy Viper customer again."

Wishing you every success,
Alannah - 07/25/2011


Thank you so much for this information. I am definitely taking your suggestions. I am buying the software today."

Best Regards
Miriam - 06/25/2011

"This is an absolutely unsolicited comment from me.

I recently purchased Vipre Premium (Premium has the Firewall with the antivirus).

It is wonderful. It has a balance of ease-of-use and effectiveness. (Tired of saying "user friendly" and "power parsimony")

Over the last 15 or so years I have had Norton, McAfee, PC Tools Doctor and Bitdefender, et al. Immediately I disliked Norton... a process hog. Disillusioned with McAfee as it degraded in effectiveness and support after 2 or 3 years. PC Tools was not too bad but got some infections over time. BitDefender was nice the first year then live customer support declined next 2 years. Renewed BD January 2011 but additional operational problems turned me sour.

Feb 2011 I tried Vipre free trial and loved it from the start. In a matter of 2 days decided simply HAD to purchase the Unlimited Home License. We have a Dell D610 laptop, a Dell VOSTRO 200 Desktop and two self-built AMD 2 GigaHZ desktops. All four are Windows XP Pro.

From the second you open Vipre it appears logical and obvious what each bell and whistle does. It feels like they designed this from scratch.

It is powerful but you can set nearly every option with a click of the checkboxes.

All the "sales pitch" phrases Vipre promoted were true.

Just a few examples to keep this short:

If you want a manual scan it first checks and loads for the latest version (Vipre labels them "definitions") It takes from (honest to goodness) less than half a second if you are up to date to 9 seconds if you are one version behind to 18 to 28 seconds if you are 4 hours behind.

Scheduling scans is a breeze and 100% flexible. Assigning various scan depths for Deep or Quick or Custom is just a click away. Wake up PC or not for scan. Scan USB drives upon insertion or not.

Frequency of updates, naturally. Active protection degrees, email server types. View Vipre history for scans and manually clean PC histories for 4 dozen apps.

I now understand the advantages of a great firewall too.

And the CPU is still mine - Vipre is no hog at all. If it needs 100% of the CPU it takes it ...but rarely and then for just a few seconds. I do not mind that because I know I must need some protection.

But most of all - YOU CAN GET HOLD OF A REAL HOMO SAPIEN. If you type in "support" in their help panel you get everything... Phone numbers, email address, land mail address. Not a Byzantine process to finding help. You can also send a file to them for analysis if needed.

I had a very minor question on versions and I got an email from one of their editors, Larry Jaffe, in no time. I thanked him and asked about redundancy vis-a-vis RegServe (registry editor) and he notified his techies for a fully qualified response. How cool is that?

A nice feeling of security without relinquishing all of my motherboard.

Thanks, Vipre. First encounter with SunbeltSoftware and I like it. Please do not get too big for your britches like BitDefender did and morph into just another AV company with no support."


"Hi Josh,

Thanks for the quick response...

Thanks Josh!!"
Rosa - 1/29/2011

"Hi Kevin,

I'm so glad I was able to contact someone that has been as helpful as you. I'm glad I found out too that I could save some money. I wasn't going to have an anti-virus on my computer, but after thinking about it I thought it would be best in case I do get a virus and then have to pay a lot of money to get my computer fixed.

I'll let you know how everything worked out after I complete the process."

Thanks again.
Patricia - 1/21/2011

"I would like to say Thank you. You and Josh are awesome. I will continue to do business with Sunbelt and PCantivirusreviews.com for years to come.

Thank you also Josh."

Very Warm Regards,
AJO - 10/17/2010

"wow!! guys thats service n atention thanks keep going !!!

ok i will make my purchase n buy the program thnks for all

Andy - 10/15/2010

"Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for your responses to my questions. I had not heard of VIPRE up until now. Just trying to make the best choice for my PC.

This is for my home desktop and I'm interested in the best program that Sunbelt has to offer....

The software looks promising for sure!

Thanks again for your thorough and PROMPT response!!!"

Best Regards,
Ron - 10/12/2010

"Hi Kevin & Josh

Thanks for the advice. You're doing a great service!"

Gina - 9/5/2010

"Hi, Josh!

Thanks for your quick response....

...Again, THANK YOU for your prompt follow-up.


...Thanks again for your assistance! Have a great day!


I have bragged on Sunbelt's fine service, prior to receiving this refund...your detailed steps will be passed along to others, who received my 'free advertising' (smile)...

Many blessings to you and yours! Have a great weekend!"
Marlene - 7/23/2010

"Dear Kevin,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will try to send you the info you asked for when I have time. The more I use VIPRE,the better I like it. I don't understand why other sites have not recommended it.

I used another antivirus with Windows XP and it worked fine. When I tried to install it on my new Dell with Windows Vista Premium 64 bit, it locked up my computer and I had to use system restore to uninstall it. Repeated attempts with their techs to resolve this did not work,and then they never got back to me.

I sent them an e-mail wanting a refund and they never replied. Try calling them on the phone-it's impossible. Their support is terrible,and various forums have had the same problems I had. I recently installed VIPRE, and am very pleased with it.

It is everything you say it is....

My daughter and I both had a bad experience with other antivirus programs that kept failing and they were no help. Their support too is awful.

Unfortunately, I signed up for two years and they never replied to my request for a refund. Please tell your readers how important support is."

Angelo - 5/1/2010