Overall Score 66%
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Trend Micro Antivirus Software Review

We were worried when Trend added the word "Titanium" to its name. Why? Often when a company does something like that, we find there's nothing there. That's not the case here.
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Trend Micro has a long history in the antivirus industry, and each year they attempt to give their products a complete makeover—mostly in the wrong direction, in our opinion. Even though this year's version of Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 2015 is a good effort, there are too many issues weighing it down.

The basic antivirus and spyware protection is average across the board, with acceptable virus detection, blocking, and removal.

The user interface is much better looking on the surface, but not as easy to use as it should be.

Lastly, their technical support is mixed bag. There are well thought out help pages, but their premium support for serious issues is far too expensive.

Virus & Spyware Protection: 80%

  • Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 2015
    Trend Micro Box
  • SCORE: 66%
Test results across the board showed Trend Micro Antivirus to be well below average.

On the plus side, our own in-house test results scored near the top, but compared with other independent testing labs, Trend Micro scored very low.

Virus removal was decent, but virus blocking and false positive detection suffered equally.

Without a firewall, Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 2015 didn't fare well against malware in general.

Resource Usage: 74%

When running idle, Trend Micro's resource usage was quite low at less than 1% CPU and around 52MB of memory.

During a full system scan, however, Trend Micro went through the roof.

Memory ranged as high as 90-105MB, while CPU stayed constant at the high range of 87%-100% throughout most of the scan.

On our 2GB memory testing computers, this was a significant system drain.

User Interface: 75%

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Generally speaking, Trend Micro's user interface is a big leap in the right direction—at least on the surface. The visual look and feel is modern and appealing, however, there are some glaring missteps further in.

All of the sections have a slightly animated button that's responsive to clicks—a bouncing effect. The problem with this is, each time you click, you're forced to wait a second or two to get to the next screen. A complete waste of time.

Next, many of the options are jumbled together and rather obscure. You're forced to hover over certain graphics to see what they do. Labeling them with easy-to-read text would have been much more sensible.

And, if you happen to be on a tablet, there's no "hover" function. You'll have to guess and learn what each button does manually.

Within each section are further buttons that open up new windows for configuration. Having to open and close these windows gets frustrating fast, making it a challenge to get back to where you started from.

A good effort from Trend Micro on the visual side of the interface, but more thought needs to go into the functionality.

Technical Support: 69%

There are a wide array of support tools provide by Trend Micro, such as help topics and instructional videos. Most are clearly labeled and easy to understand.

One of the biggest problems we have with Trend Micro's support begins with their overpriced premium services.

Like the majority of antivirus companies, Trend Micro offers several paid service packages for direct person-to-person support.

These packages range from $119-$179 per year for premium services such as virus removal, custom installation, and configuration, etc. This means that if you get infected with a virus that the software can't remove, and you need hands-on help... it's going to cost you.

In our opinion, full technical support should be 100% free. There are a few companies already doing this (such as VIPRE and ESET), but Trend Micro is still behind the times with over-priced technical support.

Conclusion - Overall Score: 66%

  • Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 2015
    Trend Micro Box
  • SCORE: 66%
  • Average virus detection
  • Good manual scanning
We can applaud Trend Micro for a good effort in revamping their antivirus program, but they didn't go far enough.

Visually, it looks much more professional and user friendly, but beneath the surface, it's still a bit clumsy and poorly thought out.

Trend Micro's tech support is a step in the right direction when it comes to self help, but their person-to-person support is far too expensive and far behind the times. Nobody should have to pay hundreds of dollars for virus removal.

On top of all that, the heavy system footprint for Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 2015 was simply too heavy for our standards. Let's hope next year fares better for Trend Micro.

Software Version 2019
Supported Operating System (OS) Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Minimum RAM Required 2 GB
Minimum Space Required 1.5 GB
Required Processor Speed 1 GHz
Money-back Guarantee 30 Days
Software Manufacturer Trend Micro
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Home Screen
Security Settings
Protection Settings
Social Networking Protection When enabled, this feature lets you see which links on social media sites are safe or not. Works on all the popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Firewall Booster Trend Micro offers a "Firewall Booster" that is meant to make your Windows Firewall "better." There's really not much to "boost" in the Windows firewall. A slight gimmick at best.