Compare Norton vs VIPRE: A Detailed Comparison

Often when a product gets a reputation for something it's known for those attributes long after it doesn't deserve that reputation anymore.

That's the case in two ways with Norton.

Around 2010 or so Norton started getting a reputation for being slow and bloated and for lousy offshore tech support.

And, Even though Norton has done tremendous things to improve its speed and virus detection rates, it's support is still done from India, so no matter how good the support, it still has the reputation of being "one of those companies."

VIPRE has some of the same problems: Even though the original makers of VIPRE have been around for over two decades, it still has the perception of being "the new kid" in Internet Security.

So, how do they stack up?

Compare Norton Antivirus
VIPRE Antivirus

Overall Comparison Results
Runner-Up: Norton Winner: VIPRE

Norton Antivirus

VIPRE Antivirus
Malware, Spyware, and Virus Protection

Virus Prevention


Real-time Protection
Although Norton is one of the top two most recognized names in virus protection software, and it's near the top of the list of best products, it still wasn't as good as VIPRE against the latest threats.

It offers impressive real-time virus protection, so it's not a slouch by any means.

Norton earned one of the best scores in our testing.
VIPRE Antivirus software offers some of the strongest and most reliable virus protection on the market.

VIPRE blocked most malware threats—including some aggressive and slippery viruses.
Verdict Category Winner: VIPRE
User Friendliness

User Interface


Technical Support
Not too long ago Norton's installation was a horrifying experience. Now, it's not just good. It's outstanding.

The interface shows polish and is well designed with few areas that left us questioning their design decisions.

Basic free tech support is comprehensive, though many consumers will still take issue with their support being done from India.

To that end, our reader surveys show about a 10% increase in support satisfaction in the past 36 months.
VIPRE offers quite possibly the best tech support of any antivirus program brand. Easy to use, quick and effective.

VIPRE has a very user-friendly interface, as well, and the software is the quickest and easiest to install of any tested program.
Verdict Category Winner: VIPRE
Other Protection

To some people, the most important part of Norton Security is the included backups.

While it's a noble thing for Symantec to offer, sadly it's also a lackluster offering with minimal space and high cost vs dedicated backup software.
Although VIPRE doesn't provide browser anti-phishing protection in its basic version, both its email and instant messaging protection are very strong.
Verdict Category Winner: VIPRE
Overall Value
Norton Antivirus

VIPRE Antivirus
Money Back
30 Days 30 Days
Verdict Runner-Up: Norton Overall Winner: VIPRE


So, when it comes to VIPRE vs Norton, which product came out on top in our tests?

Even though Norton's installer is truly a marvel, and even though it has a better interface, VIPRE emerged as the stronger product thanks to better detections and better tech support.